Professional unit of elites

In April 1994, Goodfellows U.S.A., Inc. started as an American export company specializing in fruits and vegetables here at Torrance, a city in the middle of metropolitan Los Angeles where many Japanese companies are headquartered. In the distribution industry, where major trading companies have overwhelming power, our small company started relatively late. However, taking light footwork to our advantage, and under the mottos of "Meticulous and Quick Response" (which may not be possible for a large organization) and "Personal Business," where we generate trust through close relationships with our clients, we have worked toward the ideal of "perfecting our distribution business to what it should be" and have applied it to the gift business and import business, as well as to the export business.

In a modern society saturated with the information brought on by the worldwide availability of the Internet, the thoughts and needs of consumers are changing every day at a dizzying speed. For a distribution company like ours, we believe it is important to always take steps ahead of the competition. We operate aggressively in product development and marketing, in order to quickly deal with the changes.

I also personally believe that "a distribution business is not only to simply move goods but also to respond quickly to the needs of consumers while keeping them always in mind." All of our company's staff members agree with this philosophy of mine, and are making efforts every day under our company's guideline for them "to be a professional group of a few but smart elite" who perform their jobs with responsibility and pride.

Yoshihiro Aoki

Corporate Name Goodfellows U.S.A., Inc.
Founded 1994
President Yoshihiro Aoki
Net Sales $18,835,072 (2006)
Business Lines Importing & Exporting groceries, mail order service
Apr. 1994 Founded Goodfellows U.S.A., Inc.
Feb. 1997 Mr. Yoshihiro Aoki elected as president.
May. 2000 abeyuki, a mail order service division is created.
Nov. 2000 Began importing groceries from Japan to U.S.
Jan. 2003 Acquired 50% share of Delica North America, LLC.
Feb. 2003 Relocated headquarter to current expanded facility in Torrance, California