This division imports food products from Japan--mainly soft drinks, cup ramen noodles and candies--and sells them to Japanese and Asian supermarkets in the United States.

The import division was started in 2002 to import Japanese foods for sales to Japanese supermarkets operating in the United States. To be able to meet the diversified demands with flexibility, we conduct market researches to find what our American customers are looking for the most and supply these products quickly. In the research process we collaborate with other divisions in our effort to grasp the product information and trends in food products while obtaining the latest information, knowing we must stay a step ahead of the consumer.

In the future we plan to enhance the product types of our main line: soft drinks, cup ramen noodles and candies, and to add other products. Also, we are going to make our sales efforts to American supermarkets, in addition to Japanese grocery stores, and thereby expand our sales channels.